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The Unclaimed Beast

The Unclaimed Beast

SKU: 1000352695

When Amara’s family left to expand the clan years earlier, she thought was the last of her kind. She searched the night skies, releasing mournful howls in hopes of a response. The only time she didn’t feel alone was when she dreamed of a male dragon shifter she can’t see. She didn’t even know his name. She wished she could sleep forever so she wouldn’t face the reality of being the last remaining dragon shifter in the area. Maybe someday she would have the courage to go look for the dragon of her dreams.

After saving a mortal boy named Gordon, Amara was weakened and nearly captured by hunters. Luckily, a male dragon shifter named Liam showed up and saved her. She thought he was her savior until he kidnapped her and took her back to his castle to be his mate. As she tried to escape her captor, she found herself drawn back to him so strongly she believed she couldn’t leave him.

Could Amara return to her homeland to prevent evil mortals from destroying it? Would she ever find her dream mate, or would she have to settle for Liam as she can’t seem to leave?


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