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Fun Facts

Ever wonder why the author created such stories or why some of the characters are named or act a certain way. On this page, you will get fun little facts about either the author or the books.

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Fun Fact #1

In Harvest Moon: My Guardian, the main male character of the story is Zero. His name was actually selected and inspired by the anime series Vampire Knight. Just like the character, Zero in Vampire Knight, Zero in Harvest Moon: My Guardian also struggles with himself of what he is.

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Fun Fact #2

Harvest Moon: My Guardian was only meant to be the first of the trilogy of books, but as the author continue to write the stories, she just couldn't stop at three. Soon, background characters will have their own stories and all the stories will intertwine with each other. That is how the Darkness series started. With more than a trilogy, the author wanted more characters involved in a long line of stories that when she finally reaches the end of writing, that there will be one great battle. At first, the other stories were going to be separate, but now, mixing everyone together has created a great family in the series. Harvest Moon: My Guardian is now the first of many as the tenth book is being worked on now.

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Fun Fact #3

 In Harvest Moon: My Guardian, the main female character, Abby didn't have a name yet when the author starting writing the book. She left it blank for many pages until she could find the perfect name. Author Dawn L  Lubertowicz likes using names that fit the character. After many searches and researches, the main female character finally had a name. The author decided Abby would be perfect for the main, but average character while she was watching an episode of NCIS. Thanks to the character, Abby Sciuto from NCIS, the lead female of Harvest Moon: My Guardian had a name. Even though Abby in Harvest Moon: My Guardian isn't too much like goth Abby Sciuto with black hair, the name just seem to fit. 

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Fun Fact #4

Lone Star story wasn't going to happen until the author's friend talked her into writing it. It was a decision that showed that the author can write in different genre than the usual werewolves, vampires and dragons stories. Lone Star is very popular in Pennsylvania due to the concept of second chances and making people cry.

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