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Local Authors

On this page, we have other local authors with their books in case you're looking for something different. Attached is their website links. Just click on their links to check out their books and their bios. 

G H Monroe

GH Monroe.jpg

Poetry is the arrangement of words in a way that conveys thoughts. But it is so much more. Poetry also conveys hopes, hurts and all other manner of feelings. Poetry is like a special cable that allows me to share the aches, joys and longings of my soul with the souls of others.

GH Monroe2.jpg

A collection of short stories that include a man on the lucky run of a lifetime, a woman momentarily seized by her own road rage, a new twist on the ever present monster beneath the bed and many more.

melora johnson.jpg

       Ally Reynolds is a veterinarian specializing in raptor rehabilitation in New Hampshire. Other than one horrific incident in her childhood and a little extra “spark” for healing in her hands, both of which she has kept secret from even her best friend, her life has been singularly boring. It has also been extremely lonely. Ally longs for someone to share her life with, but how can she trust someone with her secret?
       Matthew Blake, an ornithologist at Cornell University, calls Ally, asking for her help with an injured raptor. Matthew grew up in New Zealand and has lived around the world. He has read about Ally’s high success rates in raptor rehabilitation and suspects there is more to it than is generally known.
        Matthew has some secrets of his own; he is a demon hunter. He suspects Ally’s healing powers could benefit him. He wants her to join him and thinks they’d make a great team.
       Can Ally trust him or is he just using her? Matthew definitely has more secrets, and some of them are about her.

melora johnson2.jpg

What if sanctuary isn't always a physical place? Sometimes it's located in our heads and . . . sometimes sanctuary can be found in the stories we share. Whether our own or the ones we create, they say—you are not alone—in how you think, in how you feel. These 74 poems offer a glimpse of hope and grace to create connection.

Patrick Thomas 
patrick thomas.jpg

Let's admit it. The world is far from perfect. Nobody believes in magic anymore. Or gods. Or vampires. Hope itself is on the endangered list. Especially in New York City. Despite this there is a place in Manhattan where the impossible not only exists but bellies up to the bar to drink its fill. Owned by a leprechaun, staffed by gods and mortals it is a second home to the legends of our day, led there by the simple magic of the rainbow. The name of the place is Bulfinche’s Pub. One never knows what will come in the door next: Armageddon or a man with no socks. Whatever happens two things are certain. Hope and Happiness never die and the first drink is always on the house.

patrick thomas2.jpg

AGAINST CLUB CRASHING VAMPIRES, A SERIAL KILLER WEREWOLF WHO THINKS PRETTY WOMEN SHOULD PLAY LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD TO HIS BIG BAD WOLF, ANCIENT CREATURES OF DARKNESS, THE CORPSE KNOWN AS ZOMBIELICIOUS, A GIRL GANG GATHERING PINK DEATH, A VICIOUS TROUSER SNAKE AND THE ULTIMATE BAD-ASS SOME WOULD SAY YOUR BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE THOSE IN THE KNOW WILL TELL YOU THE BEST OFFENSE IS TERRORBELLE: FAIRY WITH A GUN Praise for Terrorbelle: "There is nothing petite & sweet about Terrorbelle... this bad-ass faerie earns her name, with or without a gun! If you like your action with a twist of humor, check out the work of Patrick Thomas." - Danielle Ackley-McPhail, editor of the award-winning Bad-Ass Faeries "Sick Day was one of my favorites; I give it a 5. With characters pulled from mythology, fairytales, and legends, each proved more interesting than the last. The plot was resourceful, the pace exhilarating, and the style of writing was entertaining." - Bloody Mary, Horror Web

christy nicholas.jpg

I write novels with magical realism in a few flavors; historical fantasy and time travel.

christy nicholas2.gif

   Wilda retired from the Temporal Agents for an excellent reason.
    Retired Temporal Agent Wilda Firestone just wanted to run her Toronto shop: garb Time Tourists and send them on their merry way into the past. She's content with her cat, sarcasm, and whiskey. All of that changes when a deathly ill Time Traveller literally falls at her doorstep, setting off a chain reaction which forces her to return to the job she'd retired from decades before.
      The Agency sends her and her assistant, Mattea, back into three dangerous historical eras to find the disease threatening the life of every Time Traveller. They search a teeming desert bazaar in the luxurious court of Mansa Musa. They explore the dark forests of pre-Columbian North America. They get entangled in the convoluted politics of twelfth century Norse-ruled Orkney while sifting through the horrific carnage of a murdered village.
      If Wilda can't return in time with the right pathogen, modern scientists can't synthesize a cure before all the Travellers fall ill. She must return to the present or lose herself in the depths of her own purposely-forgotten past.

Leigh Court

As Victorian England's notorious Disciplinarian, Jared Ashworth has never failed to transform a difficult wife into a dutiful spouse, but headstrong Clarissa Babcock presents a unique challenge.

Her husband wants and heir, and demands Jared warm up his frigid wife or Babcock will take matters into his own hands.

Jared knows this means life or death for Clarissa, but as he instructs her in the ways of passion, her beauty, spirit and uninhibited responses make Jared hunger to keep her all for himself.

Leigh 2.jpg

Only virgins need apply…

In Victorian England, Dr. Trevor Markham is determined to prove that the medical condition known as 'female hysteria' is simply a woman's sexual frustration. But when innocent Amelia Ashworth responds to his ad for a scientific study of virgins, Trevor's intimate experiments produce results neither of their hearts expect!

Joseph Crance
Joe Crance.jpg

In the quiet town of Painted Post, Ernsts have long been known for their coonhounds and knowledge of the forest. Mead Ernst is a kind but firm man, struggling with the loss of his father and brother. With the help of his wife, Sarah, they raise their children--Lill, John, and Mattie--chasing behind coonhounds in their hometown's forests.

Joe Crance 2.jpg

"So you want to be a coon hunter?" Nathan asked gruffly.
"Y-y-yes, sir, I do!" Jason stuttered.
Nathan nodded. "Be at my house tomorrow night around sunset. Your parents know where I live. Wear some good boots and a warm coat--Painted Post won't care how cold you get."
Thus begins twelve-year-old Jason Canton's tutelage under the guidance of Nathan Ernst, with his legendary coonhound Seth and somewhat eccentric Uncle Arthur. Jason and his close friends, Bobby and Tara, soon learn the ways of the woods and life, following the call of the hounds in the darkened forests.
But something powerful and not entirely of this world has brought malice to the woods of the rural Upstate New York town of Painted Post.
This cunning menace will test the skills and courage of Nathan, Jason, and his friends.
They must rely on one another to face this threat.
They will need the strength of the bond between hunter and dog.
They will require an exceptional hound.

Michelle Pointis Burns

Happy New Year . . . or is it?

Cassandra Haywood hopes her aunt, Lady Lemington, the CEO of Lemington Cheese Company, will behave tonight. With the help of a large household staff, they are hosting an elegant holiday gala for friends, local merchants, and rival cheese company owners. Scarves and secrets swirl around Cassandra as the clock counts down.

When an unexpected ice storm traps guests and staff within the modern English estate, someone dies in the great halls of the house that cheese built. After Cassandra realizes she has become the head detective’s number one suspect, she must overcome self-doubt to discover the truth and clear her name.

The first book in the Lemington Cheese Company Mystery series serves up intrigue, red-herrings, and humor, alongside several kinds of cheese. This culinary, cozy mystery introduces readers to Cassandra Haywood. She loves scarves, has a knack for business, and unexpectedly adds "amateur sleuth" to her resume following a possible crime at the manor.

Written in American English sprinkled with British expressions. Bonus recipe included.

Madison llia

The Crow.jpg

Sometimes, even with the best intentions…the lines of justice and revenge get crossed.

Sophia Dimitri has the perfect life—a great husband, a beautiful toddler, and a job she loves.
She and her husband, Luka, are undercover DEA agents based in Manhattan, New York.
After Luka and their son, Niklaus, are killed in a freak car incident, Sophia quickly suspects foul play.
The case is abruptly closed, forcing Sophia and her partner, Ace, to take matters into their own hands.
Setting out to find justice for her family they begin looking for The Crow, a drug organization tied to a world they are not equipped to navigate—a world where criminals hide behind badges, family ties don’t always mean blood, and people are rarely who they appear to be.
When emotions are intertwined with blinding pain, reason doesn’t enter the equation and everyone has the potential to become a ticking time bomb, bound to detonate without notice.
As the investigation comes full circle, the duo finds themselves in a fight for their lives…crossing invisible boundaries from which they can never return.


After years of determination, Angela Lash feels like her dreams are finally coming true. A rough childhood with self-centered, addicted parents taught her that life could be so much more. Years later, her college education is finally paying off, she found the perfect man to help create the faithful family she never had growing up, and ownership of the restaurant of her dreams is just around the corner.

Castanza’s Restaurant has been in Gio’s family for generations, but it has not kept up with modern technology. Angela and Gio see different paths to success for Castanza’s, and when she offers to buy it before it loses money, Gio hesitates without clearly saying no.

After a whirlwind romantic trip for Angela and the return of Gio’s old friend, will Angela and Gio actually get what they always thought, or never knew, they wanted?

Fanelli 2.jpg

Do you have habits? Are they bad habits?Are they good habits for you, but bad habits for others? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you... 50 Things to Know About Habits by author Christina Fanelli offers an approach to work on your habits. Although there's nothing wrong with some habits, based on knowledge from the world's leading experts and others in what one perceives as a good habit others may not. In these pages, you'll discover if what you think is a good habit is good or could it be better. If it's a bad habit, how to change it, or why it should be changed. This book will help you break habits that are destructive to you or others and make you happy with yourself. By the time you finish this book, you will know what you have been doing that others find as bad habits that you have…. So grab YOUR copy today. You'll be glad you did.

A. V. Rogers

When Lilith Crowley dies of smallpox in 1906, her heartbroken, cultist father, Aleister, vows to resurrect his daughter's soul . . . no matter what it takes. Steeped in black magic and a century later, Aleister has found the perfect receptacle for his lost child's soul in an unsuspecting young girl. He'll replace that girl's soul with the soul of his daughter, but he'll need help. Summoning hell itself, and his dark god, for some of the worst fiends in history-Jack the Ripper, Clementine Barnabet, Albert Fish, and Belle Gunness-Aleister, with his other daughter, the witch Cora, place these demented souls into living dolls to do their bidding. Now, there's just the simple matter of eliminating all those who stand in their way.

Judy Janowski The author's blog is http: // where more poems are posted weekly.


Life Is a Garden Party applies God's principles to gardening and nature. Each story is a 2-in-1, beginning with a gardening observation followed by a spiritual application. An observation would be referring to the compost pile as garbage mouth as it consumes almost everything. The spiritual application is "Let your conversation be always full of grace." (Colossians 4:6)


May you find inspiration and a few smiles along the way as you read about lessons learned from gardening. The apostle James wrote, "See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains." I don't know if James was a gardener, but I do know gardeners learn what it is to wait patiently. Seeing the miracle within a seed erupt and fruit is worth the lesson in patience. Seeing the damage done by insects teaches patience is still necessary. Patience to defeat each and every one.

Janowski 2.jpg

Melodious birds, pollinators, or humming bees all teach us awareness of nature's symphony. Blooming flowers, fresh vegetables, or scented herbs all delight our senses when gardens are toured. Life Is a Garden Party is one gardener's diary and garden tour- a somewhat instructional, whimsical, inspirational, personal tour. Coupling a garden observation with a spiritual application with Scripture in rhyme, Life Is a Garden Party will be a family read and a reference book time after time. Take time to stop to listen to who makes music in your garden. Take time today to enjoy the miracles gardens employ. See God, the Creator's, hand as He blesses humans with creation's palette of beauty or vegetables which keep us healthy. Meditate on the applied Scriptures that apply to life now and in the future. And always give thanks to the Lord for His promises found in God's Word.

Sammy Jones

Sammy Jones.jpg

Dark Woods is an alternate world fantasy novel. After a traumatic accident, Carter wakes up in a mysterious world, unlike the one he once knew. Upon learning in this world that his mother is alive, he welcomes the help of others while embarking on a quest to find her. Along the way, Carter battles creatures and travels through regions within the eerie world that make nightmares seem favorable. Surrounded by sirens, fairies, trolls, and demons, who can he trust? Will he find his mother? And what secrets of his own will he uncover throughout the adventure?

*This is a coming of age and alternate world fantasy novel.

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