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Beauty and Beast

Beauty and Beast

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Amelia is a shape-shifter consumed by the beast within her, over which she seems to have no control once it begins to take over her. Feeling the beast pulsate inside her, she finds herself transformed into a huge, black dragon with scaly skin and large, leathery wings, soaring high above the world, hidden against the darkening night sky. As the chill wind wraps itself around her, she realizes the beast hungers for the taste of flesh and the desire to wreak destruction with its razor-sharp teeth and intense fire. Eventually, she collapses, exhausted and terrified by the creature she has turned into.
Gordon, a man with a personal agenda to rid the world of all monsters comes to aid the nearby town in their quest to rid itself of the beast Amelia has become, and her like. Unfortunately, he is hampered in his task when a local man, Hildebrandt, and his hapless band of followers aid him. Eventually, Gordon finds Amelia unconscious, sheltering in a cave. Not knowing her real identity, he shares his innermost secrets about his past with her, as he begins to have feelings for her that he has never had for any other woman. Will they find true happiness and be able to build a future together, or is either Gordon’s past or Amelia’s own dark secret make that an impossibility? Follow Gordon and Amelia in their thrilling and heart-tugging quest for true love.


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