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After narrowly escaping the clutches of Lily and Ian, a pair of rival wolves, Lance and Alexis are faced with a new set of problems. Lance begins to fall ill and become unconscious every time he uses his Lyking powers, as they take over his body and mind. He wonders whether he will lose his wolf demon abilities and become purely a Lyking, and in so doing, no longer be capable of fulfilling his role as Alpha male to his pack. Adding to his problems is the invasion of Zero, Abby’s partner, into his mind, unsure how to rid him of the interloper’s constant taunting and return to being himself. Even though they had faced and beaten both Lily and Ian, and the hunters, Lance and Alexis find themselves being hounded by a further, unknown group. Though he has no idea who, or what they are, Lance’s gut tells him they are really bad news. Having escaped them once already in the mortals’ world, they realize there are threats to them everywhere. What will their fate be if Lance loses his battle raging within him and is no longer able to lead the pack? Will he be strong enough to return to normal, or will there be further problems as the stress of the situation takes its toll on Alexis and their twins? All will be unveiled as this tale of intrigue, guile, and inner-torment unfolds in Burned, the sixth book in the Darkness series. Follow the unfolding saga that has become the lives of Lance and Alexis.


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