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Infinity War: Reawakening

Infinity War: Reawakening

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Hunter has always felt that he was a misfit and that life has dealt him a particularly bad hand. In an effort to improve himself and find his niche in life, he enrolls at the local college. Soon, he meets Meredith, a girl he feels is out of his league, yet he is drawn to her. From the first time he sets eyes on her he has the nagging belief that he already knows her.
Meredith, however, already has designs on Kirk, a fellow student whom she thinks is the perfect match for her. Despite her animosity towards Hunter, and realizing he is completely wrong for her, she finds herself torn between the two boys as she feels a connection to him.
When Hunter and Meredith find themselves thrown together, they begin to have strange and otherworldly experiences when they encounter a harpy. A fight ensues and they are suddenly teleported to another world, where everyone seems to recognize them. As they are teleported to different worlds, they discover that Hunter is a wolf shifter and Meredith a Viking princess, both warriors of Annwn, whose army is engaged in an interminable battle between good and evil.
Even in these other worlds, Hunter is never seen as Meredith’s equal, though they fought alongside each other in many battles in the past, and is treated in much the same way as he was on Earth. Will he and Meredith ever be happy together on any world, or are they simply destined to continually teleport from one world to the next fighting in the never-ending Infinity War? Begin the epic journey with Hunter and Meredith in Infinity War, the first book in this exciting new series


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