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Lone Star

Lone Star

SKU: 1000023547

Childhood sweethearts Katelyn and Luke were inseparable, until she left him unexpectedly, as she searched for what she thought she wanted in life. It soon became clear to her that she had made a huge mistake, and her new, dream life in the city was, in reality, a living nightmare. Eventually, she escaped and caught a bus intending to get as far away as possible. Then fate’s fickle hand intervened and she found herself stranded at a bus stop in her hometown, where the first person she ran into was Luke, who believes he has been given the second chance he has dreamed of for so long. Soon, they are rekindling their love, but both have their secrets that neither of them wish to divulge, fearing that a revelation might be too much for the other to bear and tear them apart once more. In the end, the truth begins to reveal itself, but will their love be strong enough to ride the inevitable storm this creates? Join Luke and Katelyn on this roller-coaster ride, as they find, lose, and find love once more.


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