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Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast

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Plain looking Catriona, with her raven hair and pale blue, sparkling eyes always was the ugly duckling in the town of Moor. She is ignored by the townsfolk, all of whom are beautiful, with golden locks, or honey-brown hair and tanned complexions. Ignored by all but the young lord of the dark castle that is. The lord keeps the town in line with the aid of his beast, which he sends out to find him female company whenever he desires it. When Catriona is chosen and taken to his castle perched on the mountainside overlooking the town, she soon realizes that the lord has been hiding a dark secret, one that leaves her torn between the desire to run away and a longing to be with him. What decision will she make, and will it ultimately prove to be the right one? Join Catriona in a tale of fantasy, romance, and fear that will keep you spellbound to the last page.


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