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With A Side of Sci Fi

With A Side of Sci Fi

A Second Chance- In an alternate universe, a dying world prompts humanity to seek out a new planet, but before the first ship can venture out, trouble climbs aboard. With no clue of how to fix it, they turn to a woman named Sam, who has knowledge on machinery. Will she be able to repair the ship so they could venture to their new home or will they be stuck forever floating through space? The Invisibles- For as long as Ben can remember, he felt invisible to everyone around him. Even his own parents barely seem to notice him. As he happens upon another invisible girl fading in and out on the subway platform, the two find themselves victims of a strange chase. Robotic spider-like creatures hunt them through the streets, where they meet yet another who is invisible like them and clues to the truth about their inability to be seen. Pairing-Adam spent most of his life alone, his only companion a cat named Toby. A mysterious message one night asking about his loneliness resulted in his kidnapping. Placed alone in a room with a woman named Eva, the pair must escape and run for their lives. Racing through the woods, they encounter strange things that make it seem like they will never make it home again. Quarantine-The world is hit with a deadly virus. The government decides it would be best if everyone stays inside and quarantine until this pandemic is over. Unfortunately, Jacob’s brother Mike doesn’t follow the simple order and takes off to visit his girlfriend. Will Jake save his brother or let him die at the hands of the military that were ordered to shoot on sight? Equivalent Exchange-With supplies dwindling, the Society sends out a group to find essentials. As the group ventures into the desert, they quickly come face to face with death. Rescued by an unlikely creature and familiar person, will they be able to find the supplies they need to save the Society or will their mission fail? Rumors-Something strange is going on in Larry’s new community. The community rules seem extreme, and his neighbors, the Robinsons, are definitely hiding something. Everyone else appears to be oblivious, but Larry plans to get to the bottom of it before it’s too late for everyone…especially him. Your Country Needs You-Left and right, well-known humanitarians and actors were dying off. Everyone just figured it was their time, but Maddy saw through the lies. Looking through the cases, can she figure out the mysterious deaths of these famous people or end up being paranoid as everyone believed she was?Population Control-In 2045, science has developed a way to minimize the expansion of human population and avoid extinction. Behind the scenes, the government hired a group of assassins to take out non-useful members of society to aid in the efforts to lower the population. Unaware of the government’s plot, people believed there was a rise in the number of serial killers on the loose.

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